Nine people die of coronavirus in Karachi within 24 hours

KARACHI: Nine people died of coronavirus in Karachi on Tuesday within the last 24 hours, raising the provincial fatalities from the virus to 148, ARY NEWS reported.

“Out of nine deaths in Karachi, one of them was a woman while the remaining were men,” showed the the figures provided by the provincial health department.

Two more fatalities were reported from the province within last 24-hours with one each in Sanghar and Hyderabad.

The health ministry said that 307 more people tested positive for the virus in the province including 253 people contracting virus in Karachi within last 24 hours.

“The overall virus tally in the province reached 8,189 with most cases reported from Karachi that is 5,943,” the ministry said adding that 6,370 patients are still being treated for the infection while 1,671 people have recovered from it.

The province tested 2250 people for coronavirus during last 24 hours, raising the tally of total test performed in the province to 68,873.

Earlier in the day, Minister for Health Sindh Azra Pechuho on Tuesday in a video message lamented the residents of Sindh for not coming to health centers within time after visible coronavirus symptoms.

The minister said that people with coronavirus symptoms are making their way to hospitals when the infection has fully taken over rather than getting themselves checked in the infancy of the virus.

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She said that patients with severe breathing problems are coming into the hospitals where they have minimal chances of survival at this late a stage of infection.

Pechuho said that people with a history of diabetes, asthma or blood-pressure should visit their nearest healthcare center the moment they see any symptoms related to novel coronavirus.

Sindh has the capability and capacity to look after it’s people, Azra Fazal Pechuho also added that till date hospitals in Sindh have more beds than patients and it could deal with an influx.



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